Study: Singers, auctioneers 
most at risk for sore throat

Cold-Eeze cough 

A recent Prestige Brands survey linked certain professions to a propensity for sore throats. The careers most commonly associated with sore-throat pain were singers (53%) and auctioneers (40%). Healthcare workers (47%) and teachers (37%) also were perceived to be at risk due to their potential exposure to airborne illnesses. Almost 3-out-of-4 of those sore-throat sufferers also were under the weather from a cold or flu.

The survey was conducted by TABS Group, an independent consumer analytics company, which contacted 903 people to explore causes of sore-throat pain and the remedies people use to treat it.

As many as 55% of respondents listed throat pain relief as the top reason for buying a particular sore-throat remedy brand, followed by 38% saying they buy a particular brand because it works instantly.

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