Study shows positive efficacy of Bimuno

READING, England New data published Friday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the prebiotic supplement brand Bimuno significantly increases levels of bifidobacteria in humans within seven days.

According to Clasado, which markets Bimuno, bifidobacteria are the most important types of positive bacteria in the gut, as they specifically stimulate the immune system, increase resistance to infection and diarrheal disease, reduce markers of chronic gut problems and enhance overall gut health.

“When considering increasing your good bacteria with a supplement, it is important to target the right bacteria as some bacteria have wider health benefits than others,” stated Liz Tucker, health and wellbeing consultant. “Today’s new data shows that unlike many prebiotics or indeed probiotics, Bimuno is non-digestible, gets to where it is needed in the gut—intact—and is designed to specifically target the best of the good bacteria, bifidobacteria.”

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