Study shows only strict compliance to ginko biloba regimen has effect

BALTIMORE Neurology, the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology, on Wednesday published a study that found that ginkgo biloba extract neither altered the risk of progression from normal to clinical dementia rating, nor protected against a decline in memory function unless those supplementing with gingko were strictly compliant with a regimen of gingko.

In addition, more stroke and transient ischaemic attacks were observed among the group supplementing with ginkgo biloba, which may necessitate further study to confirm the findings, study authors suggested.

The randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, 42-month pilot study was conducted in 188 cognitively-intact subjects 85 and older. The amount of ginkgo used to supplement was not disclosed in the published abstract.

In a secondary analysis, where study authors controlled the medication adherence level, the group supplementing with gingko did have a lower risk of progression from normal to clinical dementia rating, and a smaller decline in memory scores.

“Results of larger prevention trials taking into account medication adherence may clarify the effectiveness of [gingko supplementation],” study authors concluded. “[And] more stroke and TIA cases observed among the GBE group requires further study to confirm.”

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