Study shows Naltrexone could quickly reduce alcohol dependence in patients

NEW YORK According to a new study, Naltrexone, an anti-addiction medication, may reduce drinking in patients dependant on alcohol within two days of treatment.

The study, conducted at the Boston University School of medicine, used 600 men and women who were alcohol-dependant and injected them with naltrexone XR, as well as 12 sessions of low-intensity psychosocial therapy, according to published reports.

The result of the study was that, compared with the control group who received a placebo, patients that received a high dose of naltrexone experienced a significant reduction of drinking by the third day of injection.

Twenty percent of the patients who received a high dose reported heavy drinking as opposed to the 35 percent who received the placebo. Patients given a lower dose of Naltrexone did experience reductions but not at a significant level.

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