Study finds consumers spending more on wellness products

BELLEVUE, Wash. Since 2005, spending on wellness products has shown an upward trend with a higher proportion spent on wellness for fresh categories, a recent Hartman Group study found. The average household spends $148.48 per month (or 19% of all monthly spending) on categories that have a wellness halo, the Hartman Group suggested.

According to the report, titled "Reimagining Health + Wellness 2010," the definition of wellness currently is undergoing a transformation. More than half of all consumers (54%) said they recently have changed their views on health and wellness. Younger consumers, for example, cited stress (51%) and energy levels (47%) as triggers for changing their views on health and wellness.

“Increased spending on products beneath a wellness umbrella, particularly in fresh categories, reflects what we have been witnessing for more than a decade now,” stated Laurie Demeritt, Hartman Group president and COO. “Consumer understanding of wellness has moved away from traditional notions of condition treatment and disease prevention and toward attaining a better quality of life. They are looking for products and services that help them meet their wellness goals and aspirations,” she said. “With virtually all consumers involved in wellness on some level, this represents tremendous opportunities for CPG manufacturers and retailers.”

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