Study: Fiber intake reduces risk of death

New research shows that dietary fiber could reduce the risk of death, and higher fiber intake could significantly improve health.

According to a study published online June 27 on the site of the Archives of Internal Medicine, the more dietary fiber you consume, the less likely you are to die from any cause. And that’s good news for retailers. Already the annual sales of the two leading fiber supplements — captured with laxative and stimulants by SymphonyIRI Group — total more than $105 million and are growing at a modest pace of some 2%. 

According to the research, dietary fiber intake was associated with a significantly lowered risk of total death in both men and women, and also lowered the risk of death from cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases by 24% to 56% in men and by 34% to 59% in women. Inverse association between dietary fiber intake and cancer death was observed in men but not in women. 

Researchers concluded that dietary fiber might reduce the risk of death, suggesting that higher consumption of fiber-rich food choices may provide significant health benefits.

Procter & Gamble certainly is promoting the health advantages of fiber with its new Metamucil packaging. The new look highlights Metamucil as the “MultiHealth Fiber” that can help consumers lower their cholesterol.


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