Study to explore retail crime potential of new point-of-sale technology

University of Arkansas researchers collaborate with RILA

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Researchers at the University of Arkansas's business school are looking into the potential for criminals to exploit new retail technologies like mobile coupons and touchless payment, the university said Tuesday.

The researchers, from the university's Walton College of Business, will work with the Retail Industry Leaders Association to address risks associated with the new technologies.

"Retailers are quickly adapting to customers who are increasingly wired, self-sufficient and seeking convenience," associate professor of supply chain management John Aloysius said. "Given the retail focus of the Walton College, we look forward to discovering what this impact will be and to helping our industry partners."

The researchers will compile study findings in a report and then build a risk-assessment checklist that retailers can use at stores to mitigate risks related to theft.

"We need to get out in front of this emerging trend now to position ourselves so that we can proactively address the challenges that lie ahead, rather than reacting to challenges once these emerging point-of-sale technologies become the norm," RILA VP loss prevention and legal affairs Lisa LaBruno said.

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