Study: Detecting diabetes among overweight children may require more than one test

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The blood test recommended for detecting Type 2 diabetes in overweight children may not be enough, and they may need two different tests to diagnose the disease, according to research conducted at Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City, Mo.

The researchers found that the hemoglobin A1C test missed more than two-thirds of diabetes cases in children at high risk for the condition, but they found that performing that test along with the oral glucose tolerance test dramatically could lower the risk of delayed diagnosis in overweight children.

The American Diabetes Test revised recommendations for diabetes screening last year, recommending the hemoglobin A1C test because it doesn’t require patients to avoid eating or drinking for a long time beforehand, while the oral glucose tolerance test previously had been considered the gold standard.

“Our research indicates that special consideration may need to be given to overweight children being tested for diabetes,” lead researcher Ghufran Babar said. “Simply following the guidelines may not be enough to ensure these children get proper care.”

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