STS Health launches FluNada nasal spray

RESTON, Va. — STS Health on Thursday announced the launch of its homeopathic cold and flu symptom reliever FluNada. 

"After years of intensive research and testing, this natural spray product has been developed to offer a new era of relief from common cold and flu-like symptoms," stated Steven Schwartz, who invented the product. "Each of the active ingredients integrated into the spray was chosen based on the specific health characteristics it provides. In addition, it was important to develop a product that was 100% free of zinc."

The spray product contains a multi-layered proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients, including elderberry, eucalyptus and mint. The formula aids in the relief of runny or blocked nose, body aches and pains, sore throat, or cough. 

Each $19.95 bottle contains 40 doses of five sprays each; three sprays to the back of the throat and one to each nostril.

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