Striking a sour note: Candy Dynamics banks on wacky consumer cravings

INDIANAPOLIS A small candy maker has been making big strides by marketing brightly-colored, extremely sour confections.

Three-year-old candy company Candy Dynamics markets candies with such gruesome names as Hi-Voltage Bubble Gum, Nuclear Sludge and Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy. Toxic Waste candy comes in an appropriately designed bright yellow sealed drum container. Other novelty confections, like a like of sour candy sprays, come in brightly-colored packages covered with cartoon characters like mad professors and devious lab rats. And according to local reports, these off-the-wall items are big sellers.

Reports have said that something about this unorthodox approach to marketing candy has taken hold, spreading Toxic Waste across the United States. Projections have said that Candy Dynamics is slated to sell upwards of 28 million candy items this year.

Candy Dynamics’ candies are priced between $2 per Toxic Waste Sour Candy Drum and $4.50 per 3-pack of Sour Candy Sprays. Candy Dynamic’ products can be ordered from the Web site,, or can be found at checkout counters nationwide at retailers such as Blockbuster Video, 7-11 stores and Walgreens.

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