Strategic sales consultant Dan Mack offers in-depth exploration on how 'Dark Horse' companies succeed

CHICAGO — Strategic sales consultant, trainer and first-time author Dan Mack on Friday announced that his soon-to-be-launched first book, "Dark Horse" will be showcased at

Mack focuses specifically on the topic of entrepreneurship with the intention of helping small businesses achieve success despite the ever-growing competition and uncertain business and economic scenarios. In preparation for writing the book, Mack researched, interviewed or consulted with more than 100 emerging companies that, by all accounts, were outmatched by competition — yet they were winning. 

The best leaders and companies bring more than unique products or services to the market, and they consistently tap into the 10 growth enablers outlined in this book, Mack noted. And he should know; Mack also shares many insights from the experiences he gained from developing two of his own businesses, or "challenger companies," as he describes them. 

"I always find people asking me for advice on how they too can set up their own business and be successful at it, considering the tough competition and uncertain economic scenario," Mack said. "Whether these people want to lead a small business, a consulting practice, a sports team or a not-for-profit enterprise, this book will reveal the clues left behind by winning organizations and help them succeed and prove themselves to be a dark horse company," he said. "Running a small business can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Preparation is the key to success, and my book will go a long way in introducing first time entrepreneurs and small business owners to brace themselves for the challenges." 

Mack earlier this summer outlined the top 10 characteristics that define leading dark horse companies on a DSN "From the Blogs" post. 




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