'Stick It' with Matador beef jerky

MINONG, Wis. Jack Link's Matador beef jerky is beefing up its marketing with its new Stick It campaign.

With momentum and awareness continuing to build for the brand, Matador's new campaign invites even more meat stick lovers to experience the bold and spicy flavor of Matador snack sticks for themselves, with the belief that once they try Matador they'll never go back.

Matador recently launched its newest beef jerky product, the flamin' hot stick, which now is available at stores nationwide.

"Within one year, Matador beef jerky introduced three stick flavors and four jerky flavors, and expanded our distribution nationwide," said Mark Catlin, director of marketing for Matador beef jerky. "And in less than two short years, Matador has already earned its place as one of the top national meat snack brands."

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