Stayhealthy, Adflow Health Networks form strategic alliance

MONROVIA, Calif., and FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — Stayhealthy and Adflow Health Networks have entered a partnership that is designed to expand the presence of biometric testing solutions and engage consumers in retail and nonretail markets.

The relationship will combine Stayhealthy's Food and Drug Administration-cleared screening applications and health management tools, along with Adflow Health Networks' patented Dynamic Messaging System, enabling retailers, employers and advertisers to deliver a higher-level of consumer engagement across multiple platforms, including a multifunction biometric screening kiosk, the Web, mobile phones and broader social networking, the companies said.

"This partnership will provide people with clinically valid information that is critical to achieving good health and fitness and do so conveniently and accessibly within their everyday lives," Adflow Health Networks chairman David Roscoe said. "It is very rewarding to see our technology applied in such a way as to make a positive impact on the personal health management of consumers across North America."

Added Stayhealthy board chairman Tommy Thompson, "With over 71 million consumers using retail pharmacy based blood pressure machines at least once in the last 12 months, the opportunity to help these individuals in a more meaningful way is now here," he said. "This new platform will enable pharmacists, retailers and others to play a larger role in creating a healthier America while at the same time providing consumers with convenient access to scientifically-validated clinical solutions."

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