Stater Bros. introduces personal vitamin recommendation program

Program developed with Top Care

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Stater Bros. is helping customers find which vitamin supplements are best for them.

Stater Bros. said that customers who fill out a free, five-minute personal health survey on its website or with one of its in-store pharmacists are provided with recommendations based on their lifestyles and needs, thanks to the retailer's partnership with Top Care, a vitamins and supplements brand.

The recommendations used in this personal health survey have been approved by health professionals at the University of Illinois and are based on a conservative subset of 25 clinically supportive and science-based supplements, Stater Bros. said.

"Stater Bros. remains committed to its valued customers," stated Jack Brown, Stater Bros. chairman and CEO. "We are proud to offer this innovative program free of charge to promote the health and well-being of our valued customers, and are pleased to be able to provide our valued customers with access to high-quality, affordable pharmacy services."


- 12:58 PM
Jleer says

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- 7:44 PM
keith999 says

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