Starburst launches Contradictions Project

CHICAGO — Starburst has tapped "Glee" star Mark Salling to launch the Starburst Contradictions Project, which encourages consumers to embrace differences that make us unique.

As part of the partnership, Starburst is inviting Facebook users to contribute their own contradictions at Starburst will include each contributor's name in its $250,000 donation to help fund music education programs — and thus celebrate contradictions through music — in schools across the nation through the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. The progress of the project will be housed on the Starburst Facebook page. Starburst said the campaign builds on the candy's own contradiction: a solid confection that tastes like a liquid.

"Just like a bad boy with a soft side, contradictions exist in all of us and help make us who we are," Salling said. "Music is my way of celebrating life's contradictions, which is why I joined the Starburst Contradictions Project."

Added Wrigley's VP and general manager of U.S. confections, Michael Watt, "Starburst is thrilled to partner with the VH1 Save the Music Foundation and Mark Salling. Together through the Starburst Contradictions Project, we're celebrating those contrasts that make each of us special and bringing attention to the importance of a music education that gives students a chance to explore another aspect of their multifaceted lives."

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