Star Scientific launches immune system booster

GLEN ALLEN, Va. — Star Scientific on Tuesday launched Anatabloc, a dietary supplement formulated to support the immune system.

Anatabloc contains the dietary ingredient anatabine citrate, an alkaloid found in a variety of plants in the Solanaceae family, including the tobacco plant, as well as in eggplant, green peppers and green tomatoes. Anatabine citrate, combined with vitamins A and D3, is believed to assist the body in maintaining anti-inflammatory support, the company stated.

The supplement is only available today via a dedicated website ( and through a toll-free customer center; however, select CVS locations have picked up distribution on another Star Scientific product, CigRx.

CigRx contains the dietary ingredients anatabine citrate and an extract of yerba mate, and provides smokers with a non-nicotine, nontobacco alternative when they have the urge to light a cigarette, Star Scientific stated. In addition to a dedicated website ( and purchase portal via, the CigRx retail presence has significantly expanded in the past two months. It now is available at all Richmond, Va.-area CVS stores, as well as in roughly 500 stores in independent retail and convenience stores in New England. 

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