St. Joseph Aspirin returns to store shelves with new look

BALTIMORE — St. Joseph Aspirin has returned to store shelves with a series of product, packaging and retail enhancements, Ilex Consumer Products Group announced last month.

The new packaging will target baby boomers on a low-dose aspirin regimen, as recommended by doctors, to help lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. The new packaging copy calls out the need for the consumer to engage in an “Aspirin Regimen.”

The new packaging allows for the 200- and 300-count sizes to be merchandized in a traditional horizontal position and a new vertical position. The latter display option decreases the shelf imprint by almost 50%, which increases the potential sales per linear foot, the company stated.

“We didn’t want to just rely on the equity of the St. Joseph brand to bring lapsed and new users of low-dose aspirin to the aisle,” stated Bernie Kropfelder, EVP sales and marketing for Ilex. “We spoke to a lot of retailers and consumers before deciding which improvements could best enhance retailer margins while also offering a better value to consumers. It’s best when you can create incremental value for both the consumer and the retailer.”

The new packaging has been significantly upgraded and is treated with a high-varnish finish and foil printing to help create shelf interruption. The product counts of St. Joseph Aspirin bottles have been changed to 36-, 120-, 200- and 300-counts (from 36-, 100-, 180- and 300-counts), to make it easier for consumers to compare. And all SKUs have been repriced in an effort to communicate value, the company said.

The relaunch also includes an integrated campaign with TV spots, consumer and trade print ads, public relations and social media outreach rolling out through the spring and summer. St. Joseph will provide several merchandising vehicles to help retailers highlight the brand during its relaunch phase, the company stated. A professional sampling program also will be initiated to drive consumption through doctor and cardiologist referrals.

In January 2011, Ilex Consumer Products Group purchased the legacy St. Joseph Aspirin brand from McNeil Consumer.

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