Spotlight on PreHistin in new ad campaign

IRVINE, Calif. — Cobalis on Tuesday began airing 60-second television commercials in support of its PreHistin allergy defense formula across national cable and satellite networks as part of a planned $5 million spend, the company announced.

“We are excited to announce the start of our national TV campaign for PreHistin, which was selected as Best New Product of 2011 out of a field of over a thousand products at the recent ECRM Cough, Cold and Allergy show,” Cobalis CEO Marty Marion said. “We are committed to supporting those retailers and pharmacies who are selling PreHistin, and television is just one of the support channels we are engaging to drive traffic, stimulate brand awareness and increase sales.“

The commercials were created to help build the PreHistin brand to consumers and allergy sufferers. The spots present the PreHistin story and prompt viewers that PreHistin now is available at pharmacies, and to “ask your pharmacist for PreHistin today.”

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