Splenda sweetens offerings with Splenda Essentials products

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — McNeil Nutritionals has introduced new Splenda Essentials no-calorie sweetener products.

The new line of products from the Splenda brand includes Splenda Essentials no-calorie sweetener with B vitamins and Splenda Essentials no-calorie sweetener with antioxidants. The brand previously introduced Splenda Essentials no-calorie sweetener with fiber (in packets and granulated form).

"We're thrilled to launch the new Splenda Essentials sweetener product line, giving consumers an entire line of products that offer additional nutritional benefits, like B vitamins to help support a healthy metabolism," said Fred Tewell, group product director for Splenda sweetener products. "Consumers may not focus on getting all their recommended vitamins in a day, but they never forget to sweeten their coffee — these products are all about helping people make small, good-for-you choices each day so that they can get closer to meeting their health goals."

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