Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board to start offering certification exam in October

Group approves four-domain exam's outline

TAMPA, Fla. — The outline of an exam that will be used to certify pharmacists working in the specialty channel has received approval from the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board, the group said Tuesday.

The SPCB said it would start offering the Certified Specialty Pharmacist exam to eligible candidates starting in October. The exam consists of four domains: Domain I — Intake, which constitutes 25% of the exam; Domain II — Clinical Management, constituting 40%; Domain III — Fulfillment, constituting 25%; and Domain IV — Outcomes, constituting 10%.

"SPCB has completed the process to define and validate the specialty pharmacist's role," SPCB interim executive director Gary Cohen said. "These standards of practice will help advance our industry and assure the protection of the public."

The group said it used a comprehensive process consistent with national standards and used by certification programs across industries to define current practice in terms of the tasks performed and skills needed by specialty pharmacists to perform tasks related to their profession. The blueprint of the exam used a national survey of hundreds of specialty pharmacists.

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