SoloHealth launches new pay-for-performance ad format

ATLANTA — SoloHealth on Monday announced its new pay-per-performance ad format called SoloTrigger. A permission-based advertising format, SoloTrigger delivers targeted and relevant sponsor content that allows consumers to actively request additional information regarding products or services that will help them live a healthier lifestyle, the company stated. 

“Targeted and contextually relevant content is what today’s savvy consumers expect, and brands must meet those expectations to build engaged interactions that drive change in behavior,” stated Dan Bonert, VP advertising sales for SoloHealth. “Our national platform allows brands to become solutions for consumers, providing a meaningful experience with their content and an opportunity to reach health-conscious shoppers when they are engaged and interested in products that are aisles away, not miles away.”

The new ad format is served as consumers are interacting with the SoloHealth Station, an FDA-approved digital health-and-wellness kiosk, while their health and wellness is top of mind and the sponsor content is contextually relevant and targeted.  

During a limited three-day trial, close to 11,000 of the 69,000 consumers that interacted with the SoloHealth Station kiosk requested additional product/service information via the new SoloTrigger ad format, representing 16% of the total audience. Based on these initial trials, an execution across SoloHealth’s nationwide footprint would yield results of more than a half a million engaged consumers actively seeking more information on products and/or services during the course of only 30 days. Sponsors only pay when consumers actively engage with the ad content.

The stations are currently located in more than 1,200 retail locations nationwide, including Sam’s Club and Walmart stores, expanding to more than 2,500 store locations by mid-2013 and 4,000 by 2014. 

The SoloTrigger ad format is served through one of the SoloHealth Station’s testing paths/sessions — for example, during the BMI, blood pressure or vision screening sessions. Sponsors will have exclusivity during a set time period across the SoloHealth nationwide footprint. 

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