SoloHealth kiosks link patients to information

Targeting more than 4,000 health kiosks to be located within retail pharmacy centers by year end, SoloHealth has positioned its health solution as one of the natural conduits linking patient care, health information and OTC value. Already SoloHealth has connected with the likes of the William J. Clinton Foundation's 2013 Clinton Health Matters Initiative, along with such other companies as General Electric, Humana and Tenet Healthcare. As part of this initiative, SoloHealth has been charged with building and distributing a tobacco-cessation education module across its SoloHealth Station kiosks.

"We are thrilled to be expanding our free healthcare access platform," stated SoloHealth CEO Bart Foster. "By end of March, we will be within a 10 minute drive-time of 48% of the U.S. population. ... As we grow, we are exploring many new ways we can leverage our versatile platform to continue to help better our nation's health and healthcare system."

Daily consumer usage has reached approximately 85,000 interactions, and approximately 33% of users take more than one test, with blood pressure and BMI being the most common combination.

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