Solara Labs launches BariMelts line of supplements for Bariatric surgery patients

MIAMI — Solara Labs on Tuesday announced the launch of its BariMelts line of dietary supplements produced for bariatric surgery patients.

"The enhanced nutrient availability of BariMelts provides patients with a new option for getting the supplemental nutrition so important to their long-term success following bariatric surgery," said J. Rocca, CEO Solara Labs. 

BariMelts provide immediate nutrient availability of active ingredients, the company stated. Because the ingredients dissolve in the mouth, there is no breakdown required from the adjusted digestive systems of bariatric patients to dissolve the tablets.

"BariMelts are a true innovation in the Bariatric marketplace and provide patients with an unmatched tool for complying to their vitamin regimen — a necessity for long-term success," said Monica Ganz, resident bariatric patient on the BariMelts team. "From my own journey, I know how hard it is to take those vitamins, day in and day out. With BariMelts we set out to make that easier — knowing that great taste leads to great compliance." 

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