Solantic offers 50 generics for $5 each

Urgent care provider Solantic is taking some healthcare-reform initiative, offering $5 generics, free follow-up visits and a cash-value Solantic Card.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —Solantic, a provider of urgent care, wellness and employer health services throughout Florida, extended its value proposition to patients with the offer of $5 generic prescriptions, the company announced last month.

The prescriptions encompass some 50 commonly prescribed medications, such as the popular antibiotics amoxicillin and azithromycin (commonly known as the “Z-Pak”), that are available pre-packaged and on site—with the exception of its clinics located in Walmart stores. “The whole reason to do it is really for the convenience,” Karen Bowling, Solantic CEO, told Drug Store News. According to Florida statute, physicians may dispense drugs to their patients in the regular course of their practice, provided that the physician is registered as a dispensing practitioner with the Florida Board of Medicine. Solantic, which opened its first clinics in 2002, had been providing on-site prescriptions for years, though priced at $15 per prescription, Bowling said.

The announcement of the $5 offer has really peaked patient interest. “We are always exploring ways to provide even more convenience to our patients and enhance the overall Solantic experience.… Through economies of scale, we have been able to reduce the cost of our medications and want to pass those savings on to our patients,” she said.

“What I absolutely love is figuring out how to apply retail concepts to health care,” Bowling said. “[For example], we have a three-day feel-better guarantee,” where a patient who pays for an appointmenet and still feels off-kilter three days later can visit Solantic for a free follow-up visit.

And earlier this year, Solantic launched a healthcare gift card of sorts in its Solantic Card, a cash-value card that works like a retail gift card. The Solantic Card was created as a solution for those seeking to supplement high-deductible health insurance plans, to cover copays, for the self-employed and for wellness services. It also is an attractive option for employers who don’t provide traditional health benefits but are looking for alternatives to ensure employees seek the medical care they need, Solantic said.

Averaging 3,800 sq. ft. across its freestanding stores, Solantic boasts 30 centers across the Sunshine State, including three within Walmart stores and one at the Orlando International Airport. Each location fields three board-certified physicians on average, Bowling said.

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