Soho Flordis International launches Calorease diet aid

SYDNEY, Australia — Soho Flordis International recently launched Calorease, formulated with a patented fat binder called FBCx, into the U.S. market. 

The dietary fiber used by Calorease, binds up to nine times its weight in fat from food, safely removing it from the body before it can be absorbed. Taken with each meal, Calorease can reduce dietary fat by up to 15,000 calories per month without the restrictions of a low fat diet. 

FBCx is a natural nondigestible molecule derived from corn. The fiber forms a bond with fat molecules, and then removes them from the body before they can be absorbed. Typical dietary fibers bind to dietary fat at an approximate 1:1 ratio. This small ratio makes common dietary fibers impractical as a weight-loss aid; one would have to consume excessive amounts of typical fiber to have any effect. With Calorease, FBCx binds to fat molecules at a ratio of 9:1. 

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