Sohm launches private-label OTC brand SohMed into the U.S. marketplace

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Sohm on Tuesday announced the U.S. launch of its umbrella brand SohMed, positioning the company in the generic over-the-counter medicines segment for indications of pain, fever, cold, antacid and alertness.

"The SohMed range of generic medicines will be made available in the United States through a nationwide network of distributors, warehouse stores, convenience stores and more," stated Shailesh Shah, president and CEO of SOHM. "Additionally, we are also in the active process of collaborating with large retail and pharmacy chain stores to further extend our reach in the huge North American market."

It is estimated that 35% of American adults use OTC medication, the company stated. 

"Sohm team is also working aggressively to supply these products under white label agreement," Shah said. "With the launch of SohMed range of products and some of the other products like Salic-2 Gel, I-Prolec and Fohm by Sohm, we anticipate a big jump in revenue during 2013 and beyond. During the first six months of 2013, Sohm has already surpassed the revenue achieved in the full 12 months of 2012. Our third-quarter product launches will continue to drive company value and help Sohm achieve 100% revenue growth in 2013."


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