SodaStream unveils new line of syrup concentrates

AIRPORT CITY, Israel — SodaStream, a manufacturer and distributor of home beverage carbonation systems, last week announced SodaStream Free, a range of fruit-flavored syrup concentrates that allows consumers to make beverages at home. These syrups contain a fraction of the calories and sugar content of regular soft drinks, the company said.


"Today, people want to live a better life, and there is a clear trend toward drinking lightly sweetened sparkling drinks. SodaStream is all about enabling people to create better-for-you drinks the way they like them. SodaStream Free is the perfect way to enjoy homemade, lightly sweetened sparkling drinks made with natural ingredients," said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream.

Consumers can choose from Kiwi-Pear, Passion-Mango, Cranberry-Raspberry, Apple-Peach, Lychee-Green Tea and Fresh Bitter Lemon. The products have been launched as part of a co-branding partnership with Cooking Light, an epicurean brand with a focus on food and health.

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