Soccer star to represent Nutrilite

ADA, Mich. Amway has announced that it has signed two-time FIFA Player of the Year Ronaldinho to a multi-year, global endorsement agreement to represent Nutrilite, a leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements.

Amway reported tha the endorsement deal is the largest platform in the 74-year history of the Nutrilite brand and aligns Ronaldinho with other world-class athletes who endorse the Nutrilite brand.

As part of the partnership, Ronaldinho will be featured in a multi-national marketing campaign that spans 58 countries on six continents. In addition, the company named him as a Nutrilite global spokesperson for the Amway One by One campaign for children.

Ronaldinho will endorse the Nutrilite brand exclusively within the vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements as well as the protein categories. "It makes sense for me because we both believe that everyone should get the most out of what nature has given them," said Ronaldinho.

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