Snyders launches discount Rx drug program

MINNEAPOLIS Snyders Drug Stores has announced that this week it will launch Snyders Prescription Savings Club in Minneapolis-St. Paul area stores. Customers may enroll by paying a $10 enrollment fee and may then fill scripts for 350 different generic prescription drugs for 99 cents a week.

Snyders said that a 90-day supply of generic drugs on the list can be filled for $12.72. Discount club members will also receive a card entitling them to discounts on hundreds of other brand-name and generic drugs.

Upon enrollment, customers will receive a $20 Snyders gift certificate as well as $20 in Snyders coupons.

“We believe the savings club will be especially beneficial to our customers during these tough economic times,” Jodi Ristau, vice president of pharmacy for Snyders said. “Snyders is committed to supporting the health and wellness of our communities. And giving more individuals access to needed medications is an important part of our commitment.”

Customers may enroll in the Snyders Prescription Savings Club by visiting a Snyders store or logging on at

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