SmartMouth expands line to include cinnamon-flavored rinse

ST. LOUIS, Mo. Oral care brand SmartMouth has developed a new cinnamon-flavored mouthwash slated for retail availability in early May.

“We went through many months of taste testing and refinement with very discerning cinnamon lovers and expect strong consumer acceptance. For our retail partners, it's the first opportunity to bring cinnamon fans into the higher margin, premium mouthwash segment,” stated Susanne Cohen, CEO of SmartMouth parent company Triumph Pharmaceuticals.

The new SmartMouth Cinnamon will have a suggested retail price of $11.99 for 16 oz. Like its mint-flavored sibling, each SmartMouth Cinnamon package contains twin, eight-ounce pump bottles, enabling a freshly mixed and activated solution with every use.

SmarthMouth promises to provide 12 hours of fresh breath after each rinse.

It is 100% alcohol free and has no burning sensation. Its proprietary two-pump formula attacks bad breath in two ways, according to the company.

First it eliminates any currently present bad breath; second, its zinc ion technology neutralizes bacteria, preventing them from producing new bad breath for at least 12 hours after each rinse.

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