Smart Pup dog treats keep tails waggin'

PORTLAND, Maine Ubuntu Pet has introduced a new breed of dog treats designed to support the health of man's best friend.


Smart Pup treats have a unique peanut butter and banana flavor and are available in three formulations — hip and joint, skin and coat, and digestive health:

  • Smart Pup hip and joint provides 600 mg of glucosamine and 50 mg of chondroitin in each treat to promote optimal joint health. This version is great for dogs with arthritis and joint stiffness;
  • Smart Pup skin and coat has 600 mg of omega-3 and 1,200 mg of omega-6 fatty acids in each treat to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. This formulation promotes a sheen and luster for pets' coats while maintaining the skin's natural moisture. This version is great for dogs with skin allergies or rashes; and
  • Smart Pup digestive health delivers a blend of probiotic cultures and prebiotic fiber that stimulates the good bacteria in pups' intestinal tracts — aiding digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as supporting the dog's immune system. Great for dogs with an upset stomach, this version contains a touch of ginger that can help stimulate appetite in older or sick dogs.


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