Smart for Life Cookie Diet available at Discount Drug Mart stores in Ohio

BOCA RATON, Fla. After launching its weight-loss products in 10 Discount Drug Mart locations, the Smart for Life Cookie Diet has made throughout the Ohio market, the Smart for Life said Wednesday.

Smart for Life Cookie Diet's sister company, Better Health Beverage's underWAY appetite-suppressing beverage, will also be available in February 2010.

Discount Drug Mart, an Ohio-based drug store chain, opened its first store in 1969. Currently operating 69 stores, the company expects to announce further expansion in 2010.

"Our partnership with Discount Drug Mart now provides more consumers the availability to purchase safe, healthy, all-natural and 60% organic weight-loss products at affordable prices," explains Dr. Sass Moulavi, M.D. and creator of the Smart for Life Cookie Diet.

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