educates visitors about heart disease, cholesterol management

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. Upsher-Smith on Monday announced the launch of, an information portal for cholesterol management.

The site educates visitors about heart disease and includes "Cholesterol Basics," a guide to interpreting cholesterol levels and facts about common heart disease risk factors. The website also reviews recommendations on how to optimize cholesterol management, along with tips to leading a healthy lifestyle, including fitness, nutrition and how the integration of a supplement containing nicotinic acid, like the company’s Slo-Niacin brand, can support overall heart health.


"We know how important it is to be informed when it comes to managing overall heart health," stated Tina Fehr, product manager for Slo-Niacin. "The new website gives visitors easy access to credible information about cholesterol management, along with an improved store locator for the ultimate convenience on where to buy Slo-Niacin and how to obtain ... coupons."


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