Slate calls Walgreens Chicago flagship 'the best drug store in the world'

Store includes wine tastings, vitamin section inside former bank vault

NEW YORK — OK, it's all a matter of opinion, but an endorsement in a major media outlet is still something to crow about.

In an article posted Thursday, Slate writer Matthew Yglesias called Walgreens' Chicago flagship store "the best drug store in the world," citing its selection of liquor, in-store wine tastings and a touchscreen display that offers cocktail recipes. Also mentioned were the "vitamin vault," located inside an actual vault — the store is in what used to be bank and, Yglesias wrote, "Good design of the aisles and great lighting even manages to make gas relief seem glamorous."

Yglesias had previously touted the chain's Washington flagship.

DSN has been reporting on the new store formats offered by pharmacy retailers for a while, but it looks like consumer media are starting to take notice of the latest developments in the industry as well.

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