Skimpy Mixers now available at select Walmart locations

DALLAS — Skimpy Mixers, a new drink mixer, will be available Dec. 26 to Jan. 2 at select Walmart locations across the nation as part of a limited-time only promotional launch. The mixers are made with real fruit juices and are low in sugar content and calories. The product will officially launch in February.

The company’s founders first came up with the idea while attending a friend’s Bachelorette pool party. They loved the drinks that were being served and were surprised that they couldn't taste the alcohol content. 

“When we tried to see how we could get more of the drink that was served it was not available and nothing like it was on the market,” Skimpy Mixers VP Krista LaMothe said. The founders soon learned that the beverages they were enjoying contained around 800 calories — a number they planned to avoid if they were to recreate the drink.

Skimpy Mixers are sweetened with real fruit juice concentrate so consumers get a more robust taste. “They are ‘lower in calorie,’ but they aren't so low that they lack flavor. I drink regular soda and am not a diet cola drinker, so I wanted to make sure that our flavors taste like the real deal,” president and co-founder Megan Toole said.

The mixers come in five flavors: orange, berry lemonade, pineapple, Skimpy Margarita and Sweet ‘N’ Sour.  Consumers can spot the Skimpy Mixers on store shelves thanks to their black-and-white Zebra-print bottle sleeves, according to the company. 

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