Skeeter Snacks to launch in New England Walgreens

WESTPORT, Conn. — Skeeter Snacks, an allergy-friendly food, will launch its product in 212 Walgreens locations in the New England area.

Skeeter Snacks provides a variety of snack options for children and adults with tree nut and peanut allergies, and are available in six different cookie options: Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Cubed, Golden Oatmeal, Skeeter Doodle, Chocolate Chip Minis and Cinnamon Graham Minis.

“This launch into Walgreens stores gives us the ability to reach more consumers, especially ones with tree nut and peanut allergies,” said Laurie Witt, director of marketing for Skeeter Snacks. “Our snacks are a delicious treat for everyone with nut allergies, but also for people without food allergies.”

For additional information about the products and for a store locator, visit

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