Sircuit Cosmeceuticals announces new products

LOS ANGELES Sircuit Cosmeceuticals is gearing up spring with a string of new products designed to revive winter skin.

The new products include Cool Lychee Wa hydrating mask, Cloud 9 protective moisture creme and Eye Dew for the skin around the eyes.

Cool Lychee Wa is specifically formulated to deliver intense anti-aging and antioxidant rich hydration. It is enriched with Happybelle PE complex to restore moisture. It is also fortified with Lychee Extract and is infused with Goji Berry, Mangosteen and Resveratrol to help fight the effects of free radicals.

Cloud 9 is formulated with anti-oxidants and hydrating emollients to help minimize the effects of free radical damage. The light and fluffy formula is shine-free.

Eye Dew is an anti-aging hydrating complex designed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes. It is fortified with a range of antioxidant rich ingredients to help protect against free radical damage.

Prices range between $90 and $140.

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