Silk soy milk’s creator talks probiotic juice line

NEW YORK The founder of Silk soy milk and organic foods brand WhiteWave, Steve Demos, has announced his latest endeavor.

His new line of juices, GoodBelly, created by NextFoods Inc., contains stomach-soothing probiotic cultures and sales are aimed at baby boomers. The probiotic bacteria support a person's immune system and aid digestion.

GoodBelly’s has announced it will make its way to grocers Whole Foods MarketSafeway and H.E. Butt stores in Texas.

Dairy foods giant Dean Foods Co. acquired WhiteWave, the makers of Silk, in 2002, for $296 million. Demos left WhiteWave in 2005 entered non-compete agreement with Dean, keeping him out of the soy beverages segment. But GoodBelly’s is putting Demos back on the fast track.

GoodBelly’s juices are entirely organic—even the packaging—and come in exotic fruit flavors, like mango and raspberry. Four-packs of the 2.7-oz. Goodbelly’s shots retail for $3.99 to $4.49.

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