Sierra Research Labs issues third license to amino acid compound amid increased demand

License issued to Novex Biotech for sale through GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Lucky Vitamin

NEW YORK — The developer of an amino acid compound is issuing a new license for the product.

Sierra Research Labs announced Tuesday that it would issue the license to Novex Biotech, which will sell it as Growth Factor-9 through GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe and Lucky Vitamin. The company has already issued licenses for SanMedica International, which sells it under the trade name SeroVital-hgh to retailer Ulta and will soon sell it to Neiman Marcus, and Limitless Worldwide, which sells it as Thrive-hGh. Sierra said it was issuing the license to the "anti-aging" compound amid increased demand driven by media coverage.

"We were convinced that issuing two licenses to the compound would be more than enough to meet consumer demand, but with all the recent media coverage, sales have gone through the roof, and our suppliers have been having trouble keeping up," Sierra communications specialist Kerry Pack said.

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