Shotz introduces new mini-energy drink

DALLAS Shotz Energy announced Thursday the introduction of a new 2 ounce energy drink, called Shotz. The drink is a five-calorie, no-carbohydrate, sugar-free drink formulated with vitamin supplements and amino acids in addition to the energy booster.

“The goal of Shotz is to bring a fresh, innovated energy drink to the market that provides consumers with up to six hours of energy with no jitters, no crash and in a 2 ounce bottle,” stated Robert Inman, Shotz Energy chief executive officer. “No refrigeration is needed and its compact size caters to people on the go that don’t want to consume large amounts of liquid to get a boost of energy.”

 Shotz is currently being offered in restaurants, bars and sporting events around the country and has gained distribution through convenience stores and other alternative channels, Inman said.

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