ShopperTrak outlines best days for consumers to score better shopping experiences

Follow report on days that will garner holiday sales boost for retailers

CHICAGO — After releasing its report on days that retailers should expect a boost in sales, ShopperTrak has released a report that highlights 10 days that will give way to better customer experiences.

According to ShopperTrak, the weekdays following Black Friday and Black Saturday (specifically, Nov. 29 to Dec. 1) are the season's best days to hit stores. Historically, ShopperTrak said, stores will have fewer crowds than any other time during the holiday season as many tired shoppers shy away from stores after Black Friday and Super Saturday. Additionally, weekdays in early December will be some of the best days to beat the crowds, according to ShopperTrak. While every store’s foot-traffic patterns differ, weekday business hours, even during the holidays, typically are less trafficked.

“Most people shop on two of the season’s famous days — Black Friday and Super Saturday — because they’re convenient and offer potentially good deals,” ShopperTrak cofounder Bill Martin said. “ShopperTrak counts and analyzes billions of shopper visits at 40,000 locations globally. Based on real-time analytics, we can predict even better days to shop, when consumers’ time and dollars will go further.

“Retailers should be prepared to make the most of shopper opportunity, even on the season’s slowest foot-traffic days, and adjust factors like staffing and inventory accordingly,” Martin added. “Based on our real-time analytics and historical data, ShopperTrak is in a unique position to help retailers understand their customers better and capture sales this holiday season.”

ShopperTrak’s forecasted best days to shop, ranked from least busy to busiest, are as follows:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 29;

  • Monday, Nov. 28;

  • Wednesday, Nov. 30;

  • Thursday, Dec. 1;

  • Tuesday, Dec. 6;

  • Monday, Dec. 5;

  • Wednesday, Dec. 7;

  • Thursday, Dec. 8;

  • Monday, Dec. 12; and

  • Tuesday, Dec. 13.

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