Shoppers expands Nutrition iQ

Fresh food department now included in program

BOWIE, Md. — Shoppers Food and Pharmacy, a Supervalu banner, is encouraging consumers to eat healthy by expanding its in-store nutritional navigation program.

Shoppers said that Nutrition iQ now will include the fresh food department, robust nutrition information for the center store, including additional signage, nutritional attributes and health benefit information, to help consumers identify better-for-you foods.

“At Shoppers, we strive to make healthy eating convenient and enjoyable,” Shoppers registered dietitian Jennifer Shea said. “The expansion of the Nutrition iQ program coincides with the new year, the perfect time to get on track and eat better-for-you foods as well as to create a healthy lifestyle.”


- 2:01 AM
leon rockmore says

The nutrition is very much important for the healthy body and better health. So its good to know that people now a days thinking on that aspect too with their food. Good post.

- 2:35 AM
prince stricklind says

I have my kids on a strict diet of Potato chips and LSD. THEY'RE DOING JUST FINE! Nutrition is really necessary for good health.

- 3:08 AM
homer nelson says

nutrition iQ was created based on dietary recommendations from FDA Nutrient Content Claims, don't know much about it but want to know more.

- 10:40 PM
jack1000 says

I think expanding the program is so good. Its all about getting people so healthy in the future. I see so many people taking advantage of this in the future. Keep up the good work. future steel buildings

- 6:10 AM
Linda George says

Shoppers Food and Pharmacy doing a great job by expansion of the Nutrition iQ program.We should eat healthy to create a healthy lifestyle.

- 1:52 AM
santa says

Consumption of a variety of healthy foods full of nutrients by an expectant mother is important for the proper development of the fetal brain. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and/or minerals can have significant negative effects on the brain development of an unborn child. Thanks a lot. Regards, top 5 weight gainers

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