Shopper Sense research finds distinct shopper personalities

Analysis by Shopper Sense founder Lily Lev-Glick, a 20-year shopping behavior analyst and researcher, has revealed holiday shoppers fall into one of three distinct categories: Scrooges, Ho Ho Happy Go Lucky and On a Merry Mission.

“Shopping takes on a style all its own during the four weeks before Christmas. Our inner shopper and the characteristics that accompany those styles are at full tilt, influencing everything from where and when we shop to whether we shop solo and what our threshold is,” Lev-Glick explained. “Whether male or female, shoppers tend to fit into a handful of groups that define their mindset on the path to purchase and how they perceive, approach and navigate store choice.”

The analysis was based on data from a set of holiday shoppers on their agreement with a broad set of attitudinal statements. Shopper Sense then clustered respondents into three distinct groups, each possessing their own unique attitudes and behaviors during the holidays.

To learn more about what characterizes shoppers into these three groups, you can follow the link to Shopper Sense's full analysis.

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