Shopko customers use app to refill more than 1,000 prescriptions a day, retailer says

App launched in 2012

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Customers refill more than 1,000 prescriptions per day using Shopko's mobile pharmacy app, the mass-merchandise retailer said Tuesday.

The app, created by San Francisco-based scripts, allows customers to refill prescriptions, receive pickup and dosage reminders and get a complete view of their health information.

"Our customers appreciate how easy it is to manage their health and prescription needs from their mobile device," Shopko interim CEO and COO Mike Bettiga said. "Since Shopko launched our mobile pharmacy solution in 2012, thousands of customers have been using their mobile phones to interact with our pharmacies in a way that works best and is most convenient for them."

The app is available online through app marketplaces and Shopko's website, and customers can sign up at the pharmacy counter for a text messaging option.

"Shopko's customers have embraced the idea of using text messaging and mobile apps to manage their health information," Mscripts CEO Mark Cullen said. "It is commonplace for customers to use their mobile phones to refill on time, to remember to take medications and to share information about their prescriptions with their care providers."


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