ShelfX introduces automated Vending Fridge

Fridge uses mobile, wireless technology to sell food, drinks

BOULDER, Colo. — A Colorado-based company has introduced a combination vending machine-refrigerator, the company said Wednesday.

ShelfX announced the availability of the Vending Fridge, which allows customers to download an app to their mobile device and use it to scan a QR code and purchase refrigerated products, such as drinks and food. Scanning the QR code prompts the app to download, allowing the customer to create an account and enter payment information; scanning the code again unlocks the fridge.

To prevent somebody from simply clearing out the contents, the fridge employs ShelfX's "Smart Shelf" technology to keep track of the exact quantities and types of products stored inside and detect when customers remove or return them. It then uses wireless technology to automate billing.

The fully assembled fridge costs $599, while a do-it-yourself kit costs $299.

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