Sharkies offers organic and nutritious snacks for kids

Parents are always looking for healthy, portable snacks for their kids, and Sharkies’ new Organic Fruit Chews and Omega 3 Smart Twists offer just that.

Both new snacks contain 100% of vitamin C and are free of high-fructose corn syrup, wheat, gluten, nuts and fat. The Organic Fruit Chews come in fun shark shapes, are certified organic — they contain no artificial dyes or flavors — and are available in Berry Bites and Fruit Splash flavors.

Omega 3 Smart Twists are twisted into a rope shape and provide omega-3s (both EPA and DHA). The Twists are equivalent to one serving of fruit and are available in Berry Surf and Tropical Wave flavors.

Sharkies’ snacks are sold in select supermarkets and natural and specialty retailers, including Whole Foods, the Mid-Atlantic and West Coast regions of Sam’s Club and Babies “R” Us. They’re also sold online at and and have a suggested retail price of $3.99.


- 3:24 AM
jenningsroger64 says

Healthy Snacks is really a relief for the parents as they are always worried about their children who are more into junk Food. This Snack will have Vitamins in it and also will be healthy and nutritious.

- 10:04 AM
stephenlewis87 says

Brilliant post that is offering kids-friendly and also healthy snacks ideas for kids.These organic and nutritious snacks are best ideas for school launches and can be helpful to maintain a balance nutritious level by consuming in appropriate rate.Great details about the ingredients contained by Sharkies’ new snacks .I am always looking for healthy food ideas and your new review may be helpful to give tasteful with fully nutrition snacks ideas to my orchid food

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