Sergeant's Pet Care acquires Virbac Corp.

OMAHA, Neb. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products last week acquired Virbac Corporation, a veterinary pharmaceutical company with brands that include WormXPlus and WormX.

“WormXPlus is the first generic version of the No. 1 broad-spectrum wormer in the veterinary channel,” stated Bob Scharf, president and chief executive officer of Sergeant’s Pet Care Products. “With this product we are able to provide a veterinary quality product that treats and prevents round, hook and tapeworms while saving pet owners valuable time and money.”

WormXPlus is comparable to the veterinary brand Drontal, a well-known broad spectrum wormer marketed by Bayer to the veterinary channel, he said.

Additional acquired products include Petrodex, home dental care products proven to help reduce plaque and tartar accumulation in dogs and cats; Zema, pesticides used to treat the home, pets, house and yard for fleas and ticks; and Mardel, a brand of medications for fish, water treatments and conditioners as well as a variety of test kits.

Retailers in the grocery, mass, drug and dollar channels, can look forward to seeing many of these formulations being marketed under the Sergeant’s and Vetscriptions brands, Scharf said. 

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