Sellion debuts Eat My Lignans marketing campaign

PROVIDENCE, R.I. Sellion recently kicked off an advertising and marketing campaign called Eat My Lignans in support of the national launch of their Imvia Flax Seed Lignans line of products.

“Not many people know what a lignan is or why they should be taking them,” stated Bill Feaster, Sellion president. “The objective of our campaign is to first capture consumer’s attention and then make them aware of the amazing health and wellness benefits of lignans.”

The Eat My Lignans campaign will be supported through national print advertising, infomercials, local market advertorials, on-line creative and in-store events, Feaster said.

Lignans are found primarily in fruits, grains, berries and vegetables but are especially abundant in the hulls of flax seeds. Lignans are well known as phytoestrogens and powerful antioxidants. There are a number of studies supporting the benefits of lignans to help lower risks of certain cancers, improve breast and prostate health, and support for symptoms of menopause including hot flashes.

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