As Seen on TV now seen on drug store shelves

Criss Angel Mindfreak Platinum Magic Kit

As Seen on TV products are grabbing more space in chain drug stores. “Consumer interest is higher than it has ever been,” said AJ Khubani, CEO and founder of TeleBrands. “More retailers are recognizing the importance of the category. More are getting into the category, and those already in the category are giving it more shelf space.” Some of TeleBrands’ hottest new products this year have been Chef Basket, Aluma Wallet, RoboStir and One Second Needle.

Health and beauty care and fitness products have always been a draw, but pet products and kitchen gadgets are growing segments. “People are willing to spend on their pets, so that’s one segment that’s remained strong,” said Peter Koeppel, president of Koeppel Direct.

“The kitchenware segment of the As Seen on TV category is growing tremendously at retail,” said Dan Sackett, president of First 2 Market Products. Sackett said that products that save consumers money by keeping food fresh longer, such as First 2 Market’s Gripstic, are particularly popular with consumers.

“The toy segment remains particularly strong,” said Ron Boger, chief operating officer of IdeaVillage Products. “It’s the least affected by the economy,” he said. Some of IdeaVillage’s most popular products have been the Ahh Bra, the No. 1 infomercial for the last six months; Wuggle Pets; the Miyashi Pillow; and Criss Angel Mindfreak Platinum Magic Kit.

Koeppel said products retailing for $9.99 and $14.95 have had the strongest sales. “Price points have come down a bit because of the economy,” he said.

High traffic locations are crucial to sales since the category is high-impulse, according to Khubani. Retailers are merchandising ASOTV items in one location, usually in the center general merchandise aisle, and often supplementing with endcaps.



The article above is part of the DSN Category Review Series. For the complete As Seen on TV Mid-Year Report, including extensive charts, data and more analysis, click here.


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salco says

Interesting data, especially the price points. Many of the As Seen on TV items are available wholesale to Retailers on the site for more information call 800-504-2209 or email

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