SDI: Many Americans have received seasonal flu shot

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. More than 690,000 Americans already have received this season’s flu vaccine from their doctors, according to SDI’s VaccineTrack data through Sept. 4.


VaccineTrack provides syndicated weekly vaccine usage by physicians based on medical office electronic healthcare reimbursement claims data.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced an unprecedented campaign to combat seasonal flu through a universal vaccination strategy. CDC removed many restrictions and currently supports seasonal influenza vaccination for all persons 6 months of age and older based on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which advises CDC on vaccine issues.



In the 2010-2011 season, vaccine manufacturers are slated to produce more influenza vaccine than ever before. Shipments of influenza vaccine began weeks ahead of most other seasons in anticipation of rapid and wide-ranging vaccine uptake.



“These measures taken by the CDC and vaccine manufacturers facilitate public health efforts to make flu vaccines available to all,” stated Andrew Kress, CEO of SDI.


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